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The patent-pending Orcapower™ Artificial Intelligence Information Analysis (AIIA™) platform is a generic AI architecture for analysing and comparing naturally written and spoken material, stored either locally or online, as well as streaming content and RSS data feeds.

From this a very rich information profile is created, which not only contains the final extraction of information, but also the raw material itself and every output of all the processing in between. A lot of the extraction processing will be highly tailored to the specific topic in question, but the general architecture provides tools and APIs for making such development tasks easier, and reduces the time from design to production.

The hierarchical profile can now be enriched either by analysing additional static content about the subject, or by generating automated online interviews and queries, which can be sought answered either by human or automated agent operators. This iterative process can continue until a certain degree of information saturation is reached, or until the external source material is exhausted.

Two information profiles can now be compared at all levels of the hierarchical chain, each with different processing and focuses, and provide both a quantitative and qualitative hierarchical comparison profile. Different levels can be weighted to contribute more or less to the overall numerical comparison result.

The AIIA™ platform can be applied to any textural analysis process, and have already been successfully implemented to help automate a great number of tasks in the social networking industry, such as word document profile parsing and extraction, agent-based online interview generation and interpretation, and matching of both sparse and rich customer specifications.

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