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Web Apps

More and more companies are embracing the new generation of web applications. Companies that want to stay competitive must use more and more resources to deploy sophisticated web apps incorporating key features like, automation, integrated management tools, virality and localization.

Automate More

More automation will help users keep up with and integrate more easily with social media. Subscribe automatically to certain websites you use frequently. Publish and share links automatically with Twitter account sporadically throughout the day. When commenting on an article, have your feed reader automatically subscribe you.

Integrate Tools

Users can generate content once and have it pushed everywhere else without setting up a third party applications. For companies to have competitive advantage they will integrate with all the big web applications. 

Complete Solutions

The focus is on complete solutions rather than trying to integrate a number of third party apps to get one result. Develop API's: tightly integrated API development with already well established communities should create real value for software development companies and ultimately the users.

Build in Virality

Built-in virality is key. Develop sophisticated algorithms and leverage the social graph so that people you trust are doing the work for you. Companies that develope web apps with built-in virality will have a sustainable competitive advantage.

Expedite Functionality

Steady incremental growth is not an option. Hire big teams of outsourced developers and catch up with the established players. A correctly implemented product and market definition methodology with provide a reliable stream of business requirements.

Localized Communities

For social media to work for businesses they need to be focus on developing and evolving localized communities. We can help you by deploying research based localization tools that will ensure your application is working in every corner of the world.

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